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Van driver


Keeping in touch with customers throughout the delivery process is key. SMS is the ideal way of keeping customers informed about delivery times, making sure that they are not inconvenienced and view the service as efficient, timely and one they would use again.



SMS is the ideal way of engaging with clients within the financial services sector ensuring immediacy of information, updates on progress, actions required etc.



"Very helpful providers. We have used 24X for many years for many hundreds of clients and can't recall any downtime or complaints with the service. We recommend to all our clients." ....
Ben - Technical Director



"We have been using the 24X SMS services for over 12 years now and I can highly recommend them to anyone who is either already utilising or thinking of utilising SMS text messages within their business. The service is fast, reliable and excellent value for money. They are highly professional, available to contact at virtually any time and also pro-active to let us know if anything needs our attention.
Utilising SMS within our business has improved our customer communications and improved our business processes internally."
Bobby - Group IT Manager



"We chose 24X as our SMS partner in 2009. It was an important decision for us as a system provider as we had to choose a company that we could trust and work with to provide our customers with the best possible solution in terms of functionality, reliability and support. I'm pleased to say that Kevin and his team have fulfilled their promises and provided us with excellent service and support from day one and continue to do so." ....
Steve - New Product Development Manager



SMS is one of the most effective methods of communication within the recruitment industry. Nearly every candidate has a mobile phone making SMS the perfect way of contacting them.



SMS is the ideal method of communicating with students and staff. Nearly all students have a mobile phone with them at all times, therefore there is no better or faster method of communicating and engaging with them.

"24X revolutionised the way we talk to our parents - faster and more reliable than sending letters and has saved £52K per year on mailing."....
Shaun - East London Council

Local government

Local Government

"It's refreshing to find a company that says that they'll call me straight back and they actually do and, importantly with detailed answers to my queries. Their speedy responses have been a great help to us in implementing our 2Factor project for our remote users."
Alistair - ICT Implementation Manager



24X works with resellers to help them increase the value and effectiveness of their systems by adding SMS functionality out of the box. 24X SMS solutions offer the reseller the opportunity to revenue share on an ongoing basis.